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El-Bostany is amongst the most respected names in Automotive HAC Systems Worldwide. We stock thousands of new complete radiators, charge air coolers, condenser, a/c components, and radiator cores.We carry one of the largest in-house inventories of cooling, heating products and air conditioning supplies. To service our customers better we have developed an extensive distribution network covering Middle East with a nationwide footprint to give next day delivery to most major cities and surrounding areas.
At El-Bostany we're constantly striving to break new ground with innovative solutions for today's demanding automotive needs. All of our aftermarket products are built to OE-standards and incorporate the latest upgrades — a promise only an OE manufacturer can make.

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About Radiators

A radiator is a heating system that usually uses hot water or steam. The system heats water or steam to the temperature desired by a resident. The steam or hot water runs from the burner to metal coils strategically placed around a property.
Keep your engine cool with our radiator solutions. Each unit is fabricated in and built to meet or exceed exact OE specifications for any make and model of heavy-duty truck on the road. The tested all-aluminium construction improves cooling and durability while reducing weight and crimping problems, giving you a radiator you can rely on mile after mile.

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  • All-new radiator, including side straps and brackets
  • All-aluminium construction improves thermal transfer while reducing weight and eliminating crimps and other failures common to plastic models
  • Rubber insulators are designed to fit the original frame specifications
  • Upgraded style clevis pins allow necessary thermal expansion and movement within the frame
  • Radiator tubes are high frequency welded seamless tubes for strength and durability

About Condensers

A condenser removes heat from the inside environment, usually expelling the heat to the outside. The most common forms of condensers are air conditioners. The condenser coils in an air conditioner removes heat from the inside air, expelling the heat to the outside, and blowing colder air into the house. Condensers for heat pumps work in the opposite way. Heat pump condensers remove outside air and condenser coils heat the air. The hot air is blown into an environment to make it warmer.
We offer quality air conditioning condensers and evaporators from top manufacturers. The air conditioning condenser is located on the high side of the air conditioning system. The air conditioning condenser is mounted directly in front of the radiator where it can receive air flow created by the trucks forward motion and by the engine fan.
There are various styles and types of air conditioning condensers used on today's vehicles. The air conditioning evaporator is located on the low pressure side of the air conditioning system. It is usually mounted inside the cab under the dash panel. Housed with the evaporator is the blower motor, which draws the warm air from the cab over the air conditioning evaporator and then blows or circulates the cooled air inside the cab.
Next time you need an air conditioning condenser or evaporator allow us to help you find the correct air conditioning condensers and evaporators.

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